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The historical

Italy is one of the countries that have contributed the most to the development of papermaking techniques.
Even since before 18th century, there were factories manufacturing paper from macerated rags’ fibers.
A significant number of important production sites were established in Tuscany, notably in the province of Lucca, at the beginning of 20th century.

The paper mills of Lucca

During early 60s lots of factories prospered in the so-called Paper Mills Valley: after WWII there were more than thirty family-run paper factories in the famous industrial area of Lucca, between the municipal districts of Bagni di Lucca, Borgo a Mozzano and Villa Basilica. Bini family originates from one of these places: Ponte a Villa, right near to Villa Basilica. It is a humble family carried on by Mrs. Gina, mother of four children, including Ugo, and a very young widow.

A tough sector

A few years later a papermaking business area was born around the municipalities of Porcari e Capannori, equally important as the other valley. At that time, paper mills production was based on strawpaper, also called yellow paper and wood pulp and the new implants began to produce packing paper starting from pulp paper. It was right at that moment, between the late 50s and early 60s that Mr. Ugo decided to start up his own pulp paper business, having had a number of work experiences including the management of the paper mills of Fabbriche in Bagni di Lucca. Meanwhile, he marries Mrs. Silvia Bertolini, also from a paper makers family of Villa Basilica. Shortly the Bini Ugo & Figli srl begins to extend beyond the Lucchesia and starts building relationship in Bologna and gradually with most of the cities in northern Italy

In more recent years

Unfortunately, papermaking industry has always suffered from prices instability because of the economic situation and the laws regulating the waste sector, namely the collection and recycling of raw materials. During the fifty years long activity, the Bini family experienced times of great development followed by sudden market contractions. Nevertheless the company was able to survive all this and kept growing especially thanks to the contribution of Ugo’s son, Luca Giovanni, who grew the customer base and managed market hardships with tenacity and extraordinary foresight. After the founder, Mr. Ugo died, the company evolved from Bini Ugo & Figli srl to Bini srl, with the inclusion of family’s third generation.

Our markets

We love working both in the Italian and foreign market. Our customers, whose trust we have proudly earned over the years, are both small enterprises and large multinational companies. We keep steady and continue growing in this increasingly competitive market, not only for the quality of products we provide, but also thanks to being valued as honest, reliable and timely payers.

Our products

We have been trading waste paper for over fifty years. We are available to deal with any type of product and we guarantee maximum quality consistency. The market has always rewarded us both on low quality and on the finest white pulp. Our relationship with customers becomes more and more often long- lasting precisely because of the strong collaboration that we are able to built in mutual commercial and productive respect.


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